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Donate to Tara Lanka

Regular and One-off Donations are Both Welcomed and Much Appreciated

Would you like to support the work and running of Tara Lanka in Sri Lanka?

Your contribution helps us to provide meditation, practice and teaching space for local people and travelers. It also helps us with our two outreach interests, explained further down the page.

Any amount you can give is really helpful. It is very surprising when visitors see that local prices are often the same as they are in much richer, Western countries. Food, rent, travel. power and internet connection consume much more than you would expect.

So we would be very grateful for any regular monthly support that you can give. It helps for budgeting if we can know what support is coming in each month.

Of course, any amount will be super helpful and big or small, regular or one-off every donation counts.

Where To Donate

Or you can make a donation by a transfer into this account:

Commonwealth Bank
325 Collins St, Melbourne 3000, Australia
Account Name:
Shiromala Kenny
Account Number:
063 000 1235 9330
Swift code CTBAAU2S

Outreach Involvement

Tara Lanka became aware of the plight of girls through a program called ‘The Woman‘. It is designed to support and nurture women from all different geographical locations.

Ani Lekdron was invited to attend a conference which brought together women from regions around Sri Lanka. Its purpose was to discuss and examine how to deal with a worrying and escalating range of difficulties that are having serious negative effects on local women.

Attendees were from various groups and religions. And when asked to identify which crucial local problem they wanted to work on as a group, each and every individual picked child abuse.

Seeing the scale of the problem, Ani Lekdron visited a girls home where there were girls —as young as 11— who had babies fathered by their own fathers.

She desperately wanted to help these girls. The Director of the home told Ani-la that publicising the issue was the best thing she could do to help them.

As a result, there is now a monthly donation from Tara Lanka that goes to them. Ani Lekdron is working to find a donor to help them expand their building. Is that you, or do you know someone who could be interested in supporting this humanitarian crisis?

Non-Violent Communication

non violent communicationAni Lekdron is also interested in and participates in Marshall Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication work.