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July Update

As you can imagine, the village temple can no longer be supported by the villagers — they can’t support themselves.

But now the temple is also under pressure to feed villagers who are starving. So we have begun to support the temple so that they can help. Below, you can see Malinta giving dana to the two monks. ‘

1st Cycle – On 22nd July 2022, 19 dry ration bags were distributed to 19 families

As soon as we are able to, we plan to revive the dilapidated shed to be able to hold dharma classes for 100 children. We could use some help, so if this a project that interests you and you can support it, please drop us a note and some funds 😉

The Driver’s fee (LKR 3,500) and Vehicle Hiring Charges (LKR 7,000) were sponsored by Weeraratne family.

20th July 2022
Funds Received LKR 247,000 (USD 689.05) (AUD 994.88)
st July 2022
Dry ration bag cost (1
st cycle) LKR 103,866 (USD 289.75) (AUD 418.36)

The balance of LKR 143,134 (USD 399.30) (AUD 576.52) funds will be used for the food bag distribution (2nd cycle).

Villagers were delighted to receive your generous offerings and, we at Tara Lanka shamelessly remind you that people eat almost daily so if you can help out some more, it will be greatly appreciated.