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Sponsor Education

How You Can Help Sponsor the Education of a Disadvantaged Child

Tara Lanka has begun to sponsor children who would otherwise not be able to progress through the school system in Sri Lanka.

To make a Donation, or to sponsor a child yourself, please contact Venerable Lekdron: here.

Children are chosen because they want to study but are burdened by economic hardships. With your help we can expand this support to many more.

Our first project was launched in a village called Sagama on the 4th of February — Sri Lanka’s Independence Day. Here are some pictures of the first group of children receiving their items.

Independence Day 2022 in the village of Sagama

Independence Day in the village of Sagama

At the presentation, our first group of sponsored children were very happy to receive help with their school books 

At another village near Anuradapura, Tara Lanka sponsors other children and these are four of them.

You can read in many of the reports published here on this website that we have been supporting girls at a shelter for the past 7 years. 

We have been attending to welfare, communication, vocation, tutoring, and sponsoring the inclusion of several girls into a private school and into a convent school. Now I am focusing on helping children directly with their education because I think it is an essential ingredient in their futures.

My original efforts were mostly single-handed but over the years I have had wonderful support from many ordinary people and from professionals who have had generous hearts and caring intentions.

Covid 19 and various personal responsibilities have stranded me in Australia and that has required adjustments to how I can help in Sri Lanka. Luckily I have had a growing number of people adding their strengths to my work and I am so, so grateful.

Trusted friends in Sri Lanka have stepped forward with 10 children who are very keen to get an education but who are crippled by poverty blocking their chances. I can rely on these two friends to provide school items directly to the families. We work together via Zoom and mobile phones and we will maintain a live connection with the children so we can monitor and support their progress as they go.

Money is not the full story. We have developed a “third eye” for spotting pit falls in the education system and for negotiating with reluctant children who often feel alone in the dark.

Sponsoring a Child

If you are interested in sponsoring a child through our work, your help is wanted. It is greatly appreciated and fully productive.

You can sponsor a child for US$20 per month and you can be assured that all your money goes directly into supporting the child. You will receive a report card from the school so you can see how they are progressing. We provide educational material, text books and fund any other school expenses required— such as uniforms, shoes, and money for transport.

Wherever we fall short, in other words, where costs exceed sponsorships, Tara Lanka has to work to find that shortfall, not you as a sponsor. Of course you can help if you are willing and able but it is entirely our responsibility.

For further information or to make a donation, please contact Venerable Lekdron