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Thank You for Your Donation

Dear Donor,
Thank you for supporting Tara Lanka. Your Donation helps protect Tara Lanka’s future. Our only life blood is via donations like yours. By contributing to Tara Lanka, you are joining other supporters who value the work we do to shine a light on Sri Lanka’s open hearted.role in nurturing the richness of The Buddha’s teachings:
With gentleness overcome anger. With generosity overcome meanness. With truth overcome deceit.
At Tara Lanka, we are supporting and educating young girls who are victims of horrific sexual abuse, tanslating and distributing texts, building bridges between Buddhist traditions, supporting struggling villages and doing whatever we can to help humans and animals to negotiate the burdens of life. You can read past reports here https://taralanka.org/reports/
It would be wonderful if you would add your name to the list so we can let you know when we publish our latest news. If you woul like to do that, please let me know via https://taralanka.org/contact-us-2/
Yours in Dharma,
Ven Tenzin Lekdron, Director