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Third Cycle Report

Tara Lanka has been able to roll out a third round of food parcels to these villagers.

As small scale farmers and laborers, they are still not able to engage in farming due to the high costs they face and the total lack of fertilizer. On top of that, they do not get any opportunities to work as laborers as most of the large scale farmers have been facing the same issues and along with other small industries in the area, they have stopped their own activities.

Inflation in the country is soaring at 40% making the situation more dire every day. Under those circumstances, the villagers need assistance just to live hand to mouth.

If you can offer a little bit of help, it will do so much good.

Third Cycle – On  1st November 2022, 49 dry ration bags were distributed to 47 families

Contents of the bags being loaded onto the lorry from storage.

Distribution to families

Donation to the Village Temple

We were able to donate 2 bags to the village temple at Palugollawa where they continue to be badly affected by the crisis.

Villagers are very poor and struggling so they can not support the temple. In fact it is worse than that because villagers are forced to seek the assistance of the temple for meeting their own day to day needs.

 Cost Breakdown

Balance funds from the 2nd Cycle   

LKR  19,674 
(USD 53.88)   (AUD 79.54)

29th Oct 2022LKR  273,500
(USD 743.58)  (AUD 1107.98)
Total Funds RaisedLKR 293,174 
(USD 797.07)   (AUD 1184.24)
1st Nov 2022 Dry ration bag cost
(3rd cycle)
LKR  264,355
(USD 718.71)  (AUD 1067.83)
Transport ChargesLKR  10,000 
(USD   27.19)  (AUD   40.42)
Total CostLKR 274,355 
(USD 745.90)    (AUD 1109.02)
Remaining Funds   LKR  18,819 
(USD 51.16)    (AUD 76.07)


The villagers express their wholehearted gratitude and say that no one has made this kind of charity to them in the past.  Thanks to the generosity of our Tara Lanka donors and volunteers, they are now able to enjoy a square meal again.

We happily thank you for your compassion. And we pray that your own circumstances permit you to continue to help those who have not been as fortunate as we are. If it is within your capacity to continue supporting the poor villagers, it will be a joyous thing for all.

Please, if you can help