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Tube Well Power Supply Restored

We restored a water supply system so that villagers
could regain access to water.

Tara Lanka paid an outstanding bill for electricity that powers the public tube well. A tube well is a narrow hole in the ground that houses a pipe through which to draw water from the aquifer. But it requires an electric pump to load the gravity tank above.

The local people could not use this well for 5 months because they had been disconnected from the power supply. Imagine no water. The villagers were having to walk 2 or 300 metres to fetch water for washing purposes.

But now —to their delight— thanks to Mrs. Aruni Weerasinghe’s generous donation of LKR 27,000 the bill has been settled and we’ve been able to restore the water supply. Villagers again have access to clean water.

We can all rejoice with Aruni and her family for this meritorious deed.