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Empower Children (Anuradhapura)

Please help us to break the vicious cycle of destitution in this one district near the holy city of Anuradhapura

For various historical reasons, the poor villagers here are condemned to generations of hand-to-mouth poverty.

The parents are uneducated and so they cannot educate the children and therefore the children are stuck where they were born. Pregnancy follows and the next generation remains uneducated, and so the cycle repeats again and again.

Fortunately most parents here realise that education is the key that will unlock their children from the prison that they themselves may never escape. They want their children to be educated and many children are at least keen to learn English.

They want our help.

Tara Lanka Group has stepped forward to pave that road to an educated future. Our resources are limited but we do our best. With your help we can do more.

In early 2023, we commenced our Empowering Children Project

It covers two distinct yet linked education streams:

  • Full year scholarships for 9 girls chosen as displaying the most promise
  • Free English lessons for as many girls and boys as we can help

There are 3 ways you can get involved and whatever you can manage will make a big difference to the specific children, to their families, and to the community.

By educating just a handful, we will  go a long way to breaking the horrible cycle that condemns them and their children to endless poverty and squalor for generation after generation.

The 3 Ways you can Help

Full Education

Sponsor a Child.

Support one student to be educated for the year. A$40 per month is all it takes. (More details below)

Free English Classes

Fund Study Materials/Equipment/Clothing.

These children love to learn through modern study aids likes puzzles/flash cards/visuals. Help us to meet this opportunity for a child to learn easily. (More details below)


Volunteer Your Services.

We welcome volunteer services including: workshops, courses (online or physical) on English, awareness on preventing drug addiction, meditation or any other area which will greatly benefit children. (More details below)

After school English using flash cards which they love and which work so well for them. They also do some mindfulness meditation which helps them to concentrate and to regulate emotions.

More Information

There is so much we can say but it’s much more useful if you have specific questions, we are only too happy to answer them. And if you would like to offer help, we would love help you give.

Just email Malintha at malintha@taralanka.org and let’s talk.