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Help Poor Villagers in Crisis

As you know, the whole country of Sri Lanka is in terrible trouble —  inflation is soaring above 50% and jobs, power, petrol and food are scarce and unaffordable. People are desperately struggling to survive because basic needs are impossible to meet.

At Tara Lanka Study Group, we are just a few people; we cannot help the whole country. So we have initially decided to focus on helping a group of 19 families in a poor village near the ancient city of Anuradhapura. We chose the sacred city of Anuradhapura (capital of North Central Province) because it was the original home of all forms of Buddhism in Sri Lanka from the 3rd century BC. It is still home to the oldest cutting from the original ‘tree of enlightenment’ — a living connection to the Buddha.
Among the families, there are 23 children below the age of 12 who are all suffering from malnutrition.
These poor villagers can hardly scrape together one meal a day and often it is no more than plain boiled rice. There is no fertilizer in the market so they cannot even farm. Those who worked as labourers cannot find work. They are rapidly losing weight and getting weaker day by day. They need our help to survive.
Your donation will help us:
      • Provide food and other daily necessities
      • Improve their shelter — by providing building materials to keep rain out of vulnerable homes, and by helping to add a room to existing dry homes.
      • Educate the children — by providing books and stationary, and a teacher to teach basic reading and writing skills until schools get back to normal.
      • Improve basic hygiene and health care — by building toilets and providing soap and health guidance.

I can personally assure you of the honesty and dedication of Malintha Perera who will personally distribute every cent to the people. Malintha is one of Tara Lanka’s most trusted and dedicated members. She has organised many of our most complicated and difficult events and is fully dedicated to Lama Zopa.

Please do the best you can. Every dollar counts!

Venerable Tenzin Lekdron