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Golden Light Sutra Practice: Sri Lanka

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Webpage linked to website with images of what’s already happened

Map of Sri Lanka and show where recitations have been held; where elephant conflict is; where we will be holding future events

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In June 2004, Lampa Zopa Rinpoche advised doing 
recitations of the Golden Light Sutra for world peace

. “The holy Sutra of Golden Light is the king of the sutras (Ser.ö dam.päi do wang.gyi gyälpo). It is extremely powerful and fulfills the wishes, as well all the peace and happiness, of all sentient beings, up to enlightenment. It is also powerful for world peace, your own protection, and the protection of your country and the world. Also, it has great healing power for people in the country, even if only one person reads it.”


Lekdron to contact Claire Isitt: https://fpmt.org/fpmt/iofstaff/ to find out whether she can use the above quote or needs to provide a copyright acknowledgement

Background info:

Targeting Westerners – LZ students who know about this Sutra; want to help support LZR, help support the recitations of the Sutra around the world, and help Sri Lankans and animals in need in the process.

War-torn Sri Lanka – history of ongoing bloody conflict – not more than seven years of peace in a row since independence in 1948.

Ordinary poor people coming together to recite the Sutra.

Tenzin Lekdron has started organizing events to do just this with much success in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has the highest number of kidney patients in the world.

Go to remote places where there are major problems such as kidney disease – highest number of kid patients in world in SLanka. Invite patients – feed them – transport provided (hired buses) – 3 meals and 2 teas; specific type of food with people to give it to them. Costs ca. $1200 to do each time (needs to fundraise to do this).

Philip: breathe new life into the abandoned temples – Philip will provide the healthcare services and Lekdron will practice together for the whole day with them

From Philip:

offering volunteer based health services we support these communities in mind, body and spirit.

In collaboration with Sri Lankan nuns and monks, we’ve created a ceremonial event of blessings, chants and talks that strengthens the sacred bond between humans and elephants. The recent history of conflict has damaged the bonds and left scars in both elephants and humans. These scars, in the form of negative karma, are cleansed thru ceremony.

Temples have historically been central to community events and except for the most devout, has recently seen a drop off in participation. Monks and nuns of Sri Lanka are enthusiastic for our collaboration, as a more diverse group of locals come to the temple for healthcare services, karmic cleansing and the attention of western conservationists. Our events bring these temples alive with new energy.


      • osteopaths
      • chiropractors
      • acupuncturists
      • dental professions – hygienists, dentists
      • eye doctors
      • pediatricians
      • nurses
      • yoga teachers

We also offer these healthcare services to the rangers and veterinarians working within the elephant ranges. Requirements of their challenging jobs often result in various untreated physical ailments, most often back and joint pain. Their government compensation is poor and access to medical care is slight.

I’m thinking that we can contact temples around the larger Galgamuwa area to provide these offerings. I recall that one or more monks were very interested in hosting us. Our requirement being only that the community be within the HEC zone.

We will be in Sri Lanka until Feb 2, then South India (going to hug Amma in Kerala and visit the elephants of Guruvayur Temple) and then return to Sri Lanka from Feb 12-March 6. Perhaps we can orchestrate two events within this time. When is your Australian event? – perhaps I can be there after all. I’ve cancelled a March event in the USA in order to extend our work here. Human-elephant conflict: killing each other.

Went to village where killed many elephants in particular and dynamited others.

How you can help:

Food Transport Offerings for Sangha members Print copies of the Golden Light Sutra

Major events in the past:

3,000 Golden Light Sutras recited in XXXX Monthly recitations at XXX Philip Price (NGO of the Ganesh Project – Elephantsnow.org) provided an introduction to a monk, Resvehera, and an exceptionally successful Golden Light Sutra recitation was held in X, in the jungle. XX people attended.

Resewehera Karmic Reset

13 Feb 2020 (YouTube 2:20 min) Philip’s Description: In collaboration with Sri Lankan nuns and monks, we’ve created a ceremonial event of blessings, chanting and discourse that strengthens the sacred bond between humans and elephants. The recent history of conflict has damaged these bonds and left the human-animal experience wounded. These scars, in the form of negative karma, are cleansed thru ceremony. In tandem with the Karmic Reset, we are offering volunteer based health services. We support through mind, body and spirit the communities living within the central areas of human – elephant conflict. Through these actions we endear ourselves to the local people and spread a model of coexistence enhancing thriving communities — of both humans and elephants. Reduction of human-elephant conflict is critical to the survival of Asian elephants. Communities living within the central conflict zones need support to overcome the challenges of co-existing with elephants.With compassionate hearts, ElephantsNow.org has created Humanitarian Project serving villagers, farmers, rangers, local vets who are living within the elephant’s diminishing habitat. This program offers an opportunity for healthcare professionals to provide their services to those who would not normally have access while helping a vital and timely cause. We have two decade long partnerships with wildlife officials, trackers, conservationists, rangers and veterinarians that we continually learn from.

How do you recite the Golden Light Sutra? / What does this practice entail?

Reciting the Sutra yourself:

First get the oral transmission by listening to Lama Zopa Rinpoche recite it. You can listen to this gradually over time – you don’t have to listen to it all at once. You can find this in the following formats:

Download the Sutra of Golden Light from the FPMT website (available in many different languages and formats)
your recitations
Report your recitations
to the FPMT [link]