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Guest Room

If you are a single, female Dharma lover on a passport run from India or just wanting to visit Sri Lanka, Tara Lanka has a quiet guest room you can hire for US$25 per night, bed and breakfast.

Here in Kandy, it is cooler and less hectic than staying in Colombo… but — you need to be female and practising Buddhism within the FPMT organisation.

The room is just 3 kms from the heart of Kandy and surrounded by picturesque mountains, covered with tropical greenery.

Local tuk tuks are readily available and they provide cheap transport to Kandy Railway Station and the main bus stand.

The room is fitted with tiled and wooden flooring, and it has an attached private bathroom with toiletries provided.

Internet access via wifi is included.

Meals can also be arranged with local housekeepers who can be booked to clean clothes and so on.

Additional arrangements can be made to have your own cook or self cooking facilities – and your own pantry facilities.

To download the Application Form, CLICK HERE

You will be staying in the house of an ordained Sri Lankan nun who speaks good English and pretty good Sinhala. That means many benefits for visas and pilgrimage and so on.