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Poultry Project

Tara Lanka Poultry Project
Gets Underway

We started the first phase on the 11th of April 2023. Three locations were chosen: Kudapallugollawa, Gambirisgaswewa, Anuradhapura. 

Eight families were given 15 hens each. Our aim is to provide them with a source of nutritious food, plus a way to generate additional income from their own efforts. 

In 3 months time, each family should be getting about 8 eggs per day. They were also shown how they can expand the size of their farm by producing more chicks. Not only is this a sustainable source of generating better nutrition for each family but it will gradually benefit the health of neighbours too. 

By learning to care for the chickens, families will develop more skills and commercial knowledge that will hopefully increase personal self-worth and generate prosperity for the whole village.

These Have Been Our Initial Costs:

Hens @ Rs. 700 x 120  =  Rs. 84,000
Boxes  @ Rs. 250 x 8   =   Rs.  2,000
Transport                      =   Rs. 14,000

Materials Cost us:

Steel sheet @ Rs 1500x 12 = Rs. 18,000
Sheet Nails                              Rs. 480
Normal nails                          Rs. 500
Transport                                Rs. 1000
Chicken feed                           Rs. 760

Total Cost SL Rs. 120,740 

You can help support our work with the villagers by making a Donation via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account as they will process Credit Cards, too.