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Second Cycle Report

We started this project by trying to help a small village of 20 families. It was so beneficial that villagers in adjacent areas also asked for help.

So, in this Cycle we have helped them, a different group of 30 families. That makes a total of 50 families but we have not the funds that would allow us to help the original 20 families again. We need your help.

Please continue to donate if you can; this is an urgent need that rolls on.

On  22nd August 2022, 30 dry ration bags were distributed to 30 other families

Donation to the Village Temple

Two bags were donated to the village temple at Palugollawa. We wish we could give more as they too are badly affected by the crisis.

The temple plays a key role in guiding and counseling villagers. The weight of the economic crisis bears heavily on the whole village and so the temple no longer gets alms and needs external support, itself.

As well as having to deal with their own predicament, the temple helps villagers using whatever resources they have. The monks gratefully appreciate Tara Lanka’s initiative and they also told us how much the villagers appreciate whatever we are able to do for them.

Dry rations we were able to give in each bag

Here is a wonderful example of generosity from the global village. Plum Village in Daylesford Australia.

I sometimes stay with the nuns at Nhapluu Stream Entering Monastery. They are disciples of the great Thich Nhat Hanh (1926 – 2022) who famously founded Plum Village Monastery in France.

When the crisis in Sri Lanka first erupted, the nuns approached me wanting to help. They gave me a substantial donation for Sri Lanka before they knew about this Tara Lanka project. I was pleased to add their offering to support villagers.

As a fellow nun, I really appreciate the warmth and sincerity of this donation which was made free of any fear of loss. Generosity is the first of the 6 Perfections and it is a hallmark of Buddhists around the world. Those who practise it do not contemplate a transaction of ‘buying good karma’; they do it in order to make a difference in the lives of others.

Of course we need to be sensible with our generosity. There is no sense in destituting oneself in order to help others (unless you are strong enough to deal with the consequences!) but I think it is widely understood that giving with a good heart is never felt as a loss.

So, I just wanted to drop in a note of thanks to the nuns and to each person who has opened their heart to help these destitute villagers. Donors and Volunteers who make it possible, thank you all.

                                                 Tenzin Lekdron

A New Roof for Fatherless Family

We hope you will rejoice with us on being able to
really make a long term difference to this desperate family.

As if things weren’t hard enough, about 4 months earlier (April 2022) a cyclone badly damaged their roof. They were only able to made some rudimentary temporary patches that covered just a part of the roof. Whenever it rained, they got wet.

There are four children in the family and the father does not live with them. The mother raises her children by working on farms but there is almost no work available.

Other donors had given money to renovate the roof but it was not enough. So we decided to help. Tara Lanka spent LKR 20,000 from this fund to buy the balance asbestos sheets for the roof. And the work was done so now they have a watertight roof that will last for at least 30 years. The family says that this is a dream they thought would never come true.

 Cost Breakdown

Balance funds from the 1st Cycle LKR 143,134   (USD 399.30)  (AUD 576.52)

25th Aug 2022     Funds Received LKR    53,500   (USD 146.53)  (AUD 216.06)

Total Funds Raised LKR 196,634    (USD 538.54)  (AUD 795.01)


22nd Aug 2022 Dry ration bag cost (2nd cycle) LKR  156,960  (USD 429.88)   (AUD 634.05)

Renovating Roof LKR    20,000  (USD   54.78 )   (AUD   80.86)

Total Cost LKR 176,960  (USD 484.66)    (AUD 714.91)


Remaining Funds   LKR 19,674 (USD 53.88) (AUD 79.54)

Driver’s fee LKR 2,500 and Vehicle Hiring Charges LKR 10,000 were sponsored by Weeraratne family.

Please, if you can help