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White Tears- !SOLD!

original painting for sale

Doc is working on another original painting which he will also offer to support Tara Lanka

This large and original piece of art was painted by Melbourne artist, Doc Wight.

Doc regularly donates painting sales to Tara Lanka as his unique way of supporting the day to day running of the Study Group here in Sri Lanka.

Doc Wight usually sells these paintings at A$1900 but this one was discounted for a Tara Lanka supporter.

Doc’s next painting will also be for sale in Melbourne with free delivery. Of course, it can be shipped almost anywhere in the world but you would have to manage and fund the shipping on top of the cost of the painting. Doc will deliver it to your shipping agent in Melbourne.

White Tears is 200 cm wide x 120 cm high. Doc has used recycled metal sheeting mounted onto a weathered wooden frame. Paint materials are acrylic polymer.

white tears original painting

How To Purchase This Amazing Painting

Remember these are great examples of original art for sale by the actual artist and truly a one of a kind paintings. They are genuine originals and therefore only one is for sale.

detail of White Tears painting

Detail of “White Tears” in studio (click)

If you are at all interested in buying a Doc Wight original, simply leave a comment on the Facebook post saying “I want it”. We will contact you to answer questions and arrange delivery. In the case of multiple people leaving a buy comment, we will follow up in chronological order — if the first person doesn’t buy it, we will offer it to the next one.

Remember, your purchase is a 100% donation direct to Tara Lanka Study Group.

It’s great way to make a donation and get a valuable “thank you” for your generosity.

Doc Wight with a different painting in the Tears series. Two of these pieces are hanging in the lobby of a prestigious Melbourne apartment complex.